Phoebe Taylor have been in the fitness industry for 8 years. Personal Training for 6 years, operating both online and face-to-face, running bootcamps across Adelaide and speaking at seminars about her story and motives to work within the industry.

Her interest begun in the field of health as a qualified massage therapist in 2012, which increased fascinations with the human body and its capabilities, which progressed her to the Bodybuilding stage in 2013.

Competing in WNBF, IFBB, WFF, NABBA and WBFF.

Phoebe won her Pro Card as a Professional Fitness Competitor in 2019 for the WBFF in the Gold Coast PRO/AM show.

Phoebes main mission is to help each individual learn the skills they need to be set free from the myths and lies within the industry. Prior to reaching success on the stage, Phoebe was also caught in the trap uneducated and unknowingly spending money on products which were not required for the results she seeked. We see this all too often now in the industry, as companies can pry on the uneducated with herbs, potions, lotions, pills and diets offering fast results, which leaves the consumer often in a worse place than they are to start with.

Instead of over complicating things – Phoebe keeps it simple, strategic and educational. Learn the skills she knows, so you can help others. Learn the content within the program and progress to your best self, understanding exactly how you got there. It wasn’t magic or wizardry – its science. 


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